PAR = Primed and Ready

Communities are always seeking new canvases for artistic expression. There are only so many walls, trash cans, planters, and electric boxes to paint. That's where Canvus products comes in - always available, always ready for art. Our PAR products offer the perfect interactive, functional canvas for creativity, whether you're a professional artist, student, or community member.

On-Site PAR

Off-Site PAR


From the Artists

I loved painting with other artists simultaneously and seeing their process. I really enjoyed the comradery we had that day.

— Chad Fedorovich

 It inspired me to think more about repurposed materials or how to repurpose some of the items I may consider having served their initial purpose. 

— Davon Brantley

The blade was a nice surface to work on... smooth and stable! 

— Debra Sue Solecki

It was a perfect canvas! I want to paint on more smooth surfaces like a wind turbine in the future. It was fun to paint a functional object with different sides and angles. 

— Tessa LeBaron

I’ve painted all kinds of random things over the years, but it’s def something different. I get asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you painted?” And this is definitely up there.  

— Garrett Weider

Fun but challenging! The blades may not look curved in a photograph but, in reality they have this slight wave to them making your painting a round structure. Everything you would do for a normal wall mural has to change to make the piece relate the way you want it to. It was a fun problem to solve and to see the piece truly flow as one range.

— Caitlen Cameron

It was a great surface for painting. Very smooth and held the paint well.

— Mike Sobeck

PAR Themes: Inspiring Ideas for Your On-site Artwork



Still Life

Abstract / Geometric








Cultural Diversity

Graffiti / Street