Our Story

We transform the root ends of retired wind turbine blades into extraordinary benches, harnessing their exceptional strength and durability. By doing so, we:

1. Create the best benches available on the market.
2. Address a growing waste challenge in the wind energy industry.
3. Promote sustainable practices through innovative upcycling.

Our Furniture

We provide events, parks, cities, and universities across the United States with not only the most durable, comfortable, and uniquely designed public seating available, but with immersive and interactive experiences that engage visitors for years to come. We combine cutting-edge materials science with sustainable practices to deliver benches that outperform traditional options in longevity, aesthetics, and environmental impact.

Our Customers

Cities, parks, and schools nationwide trust our benches for their exceptional durability and low maintenance. Our 25-year warranty ensures peace of mind, allowing institutions to invest confidently in high-quality outdoor seating that will serve their communities for decades.