Our Origins

5,000-8,000 wind turbine blades are retired each year. The wind industry has struggled with recycling them due to their massive size, durability, and fiberglass material.

Canvus created a solution for these blades
by upcycling them at scale into furniture designed for communities, parks, and schools.

Our Products

We developed a series of products that not only serve essential function needed in our public spaces, but are thought-provoking and bring a sense of excitement to communities.

Our upcycled benches, planters, and picnic sets are fully assembled, maintenance-free, and built to last 25+ years.

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Customer Testimonials

All of the pieces look amazing! My favorite is the one with the roof on it. We put it overlooking Lake Pontchartrain and it's just stunning!

— Louisiana State Parks

We're just so happy to have these products. The community is going to love them!

— Great Lakes Science Center

They are so cool! We're right next to the Olympic Museum and they mirror the architecture in a really cool way.

— Colorado Springs, CO

The response was tremendously positive from residents, many wanting a piece in their neighborhood park.

— Oregon, WI

This aligns with our cities goals of sustainability. Re-using old turbines as art is really cool.

— Columbia Heights, MN

It's like working art- it's usable and it's art. They are really beautiful.

— Tehachapi, CA

Our downtown has its own vibe. It's new and we want to make it a destination. Other cities don't have what we have and we want to keep them coming back.

— Miamisburg, OH

It's really cool seeing them in person.

— Greensburg, KS

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For questions, comments, or media inquiries, please submit a message to our team here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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