Every Child's Playground

Lacy Talley's PAR piece titled 'The Sanctuary of Dreams, Imagination, and Love' is currently on display in Avon, OH at Every Child's Playground.

Lacy Talley

As a Creative Director, Lacy has curated captivating shows and exhibitions, including Cleveland Collabs, Nucleation, Crystallize and "I AM”, where art becomes an immersive experience. Passionate about nurturing young talent, she shares her knowledge and love for upcycling as an art educator, working with the Center of Arts Inspired Learning and Karamu House. Her dedication to artistic expression and community engagement has earned her a spot in Heights Art Collaborage Group Exhibition.  

Lacy Talley's art is a vibrant tapestry that reflects her creative journey and her commitment to making the world remarkable with her unique vision. 

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