North Chicago Public Library

Christa 'Freehands' Childs's PAR piece titled 'Flower Child' is currently on display at North Chicago Public Library in North Chicago, IL.

Christa 'Freehands' Childs

I am a freelance artist based in Cleveland, OH. The medium I specialize in would be acrylic paints. Most surfaces I paint on are canvas and fabrics but I love to experiment. I practice on surfaces from wood to cardboard boxes using several different mediums even a hand full of digital works. The work I produce is very stylized and falls in with surrealism, pop art, street art and afro futurism. I started creating more frequently and treating art as a career path in 2016. My work speaks about my own personal interest and emotions. A lot of my work high lights mental health, fashion, graffiti and just my everyday experiences and influences.