Mississippi Parks Connection

Xena Goldman's PAR piece titled 'Shelter In The Storm' is currently on display at Mississippi Park Connection.

Xena Goldman

(She/Her) is a Minneapolis-based painter, muralist, comic artist, illustrator and educator of over 10 years; born and raised in the Chicago area. Painting portraits in which people’s inner emotions are portrayed externally is what she enjoys most. Through vivid colors, dramatic lighting, and symbolism of objects around the subject, the feelings that are normally hidden become visible. Xena’s work is deeply inspired by interpersonal experiences, mental health, storytelling, and political resistance movements. In no particular order, Xena identifies as female, white, queer, (anti-Zionist) Jewish, neurodivergent and an intentional listener. As she develops her style, she aims to braid together these distinct aspects of her identity and to make braver, more intentional art.